"As a recent widow, I wanted to leave some financial security for my family.    I became interested in a magazine article about a "gold coin company" that claimed that gold and platinum coins were the safest haven against a bad economy.  They were very friendly and "wined and dined" me over the phone.   Little did I know that they kept a book on our conversations, learning the names of my family members and events in my life, and using that to befriend me for their gain.  They even sent me gifts and, before I knew it, they had taken me for over $80,000 on coins that were worth a fraction of that.  I was so embarrassed and did not know what to do.  When my financial condition collapsed, I tried to sell them the coins back and learned that their "money back" guarantee was a scam and I was a victim of fraud.  Thank goodness for Lyn Stevens.  He helped me recover my savings and took a huge burden off my shoulders, and did it in just a few months.  If others are victims of fraud, then I recommend my attorney.  He knows what he is doing and helped restore me."

W.C., Arizona