"Recently, I felt the need to hire an attorney to assist me in recovering my retirement. I had read that gold coins were 'safe.' Regrettably, the salesman convinced me to spend more than I wanted and the coins ended up being worth much less than I was led to believe. After spending most of my retirement account, I found that I had been duped. These lawyers really rescued me; otherwise, I would have lost my retirement. I was surprised at how easy it was to resolve my dispute and get my money back. Thanks to them, I feel secure again."

R.H., Minnesota
"As a recent widow, I wanted to leave some financial security for my family.    I became interested in a magazine article about a "gold coin company" that claimed that gold and platinum coins were the safest haven against a bad economy.  They were very friendly and "wined and dined" me over the phone.   Little did I know that they kept a book on our conversations, learning the names of my family members and events in my life, and using that to befriend me for their gain.  They even sent me gifts and, before I knew it, they had taken me for over $80,000 on coins that were worth a fraction of that.  I was so embarrassed and did not know what to do.  When my financial condition collapsed, I tried to sell them the coins back and learned that their "money back" guarantee was a scam and I was a victim of fraud.  Thank goodness for Lyn Stevens.  He helped me recover my savings and took a huge burden off my shoulders, and did it in just a few months.  If others are victims of fraud, then I recommend my attorney.  He knows what he is doing and helped restore me."

W.C., Arizona
I recently became power of attorney for my mother. Little did I know what I was in for when I found out that she had been scammed by a seemingly creditable coin company for almost a quarter of million dollars. Luckily we found Lyn to help us through this. Lyn was very personable and professional throughout the entire process. He knew not only about the financial toll something like this places on a family but also the emotional toll. Lyn re-assured my elderly mother that it wasn’t her fault and that he knew how to get her money back. Lyn was diligent in resolving the matter and ensuring that this company never attempted to scam her again. Thanks Lyn for a job well done! We highly recommend Lyn’s services if you need a personable attorney that is aggressive, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Doug L.
When you are over 80, you hate to admit being a victim to a high pressure sales tactics. A coin company convinced me that I was getting such gold deals on gold and silver coins that I ended up with a significant debt and my life savings in jeopardy. I had been scammed by “friendly” slick salesmen. They refused to accept a return of the coins even after I filed a complaint with the Attorney General and sought help from a non-profit consumer protection services. Nothing helped until I hired Lyn Stevens. He was understanding and patient. He told me that there were unscrupulous coin dealers after the elderly and that I was not the only victim to their schemes. He went to work for me and recovered my retirement, without going to court!

R. Young
I am 81 years old and fell victim to some shady California and Texas coin dealers.  When I started out with Lyn Stevens, I feared we would never see a penny.  I had already used one attorney and felt we had reached the end of our trail.  But Lyn Stevens showed dedication and resourcefulness.  He not only recovered my losses, but he kept me informed and involved along the way.  I highly recommend Lyn Stevens to anyone that has been scammed by coin dealers.

S. P. - Kansas City, KS
Mr Stevens is a good, honest, and ethical man who simply does what he says he is going to do. If you are able to have Mr Stevens take your case you can rest assured that you are being represented by a true professional with exceptional skills. Thank you very much again for taking my case and bringing it to a satisfactory resolution.

E. Curtis, Louisiana
In the last few years of my father’s life, he invested heavily into gold and silver coins.  An appraisal found that his coins were only worth a fraction of what he had paid.  We hired Lyn Stevens to assist us untangle this problem and he help us recover a substantial portion of the funds.  Lyn Stevens is knowledgeable about the coin market and the tactics employed by crooked coin dealers.  He was persistent and dedicated to our case.  Best decision we made was hiring him.

E.T., Ft. Worth, TX