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We are consumer advocate attorneys with the expertise and experience to assist you against dishonest coin and precious metals dealers. Our attorneys earned the trust of defrauded clients throughout the United States over the last two decades. We use effective and successful legal strategies based upon our experience and knowledge about every aspect of the precious metals industry–and especially dealers who engage in precious metals scams— and we are committed to seeking justice for you.

We work on a contingency contract, so that if we do not recover, you owe us nothing. Our initial confidential consultation and appraisal are free.

Are you a victim of coin fraud?

We are here to help you recover your hard-earned money and life savings from dishonest precious metal dealers. We represent consumers throughout the United States who have been victimized by unscrupulous coin and bullion dealers.

You are not alone.

By 2014, the Federal government estimated that “10,000 Americans have been victimized through these schemes, with losses of around $300 million.” In the years since the precious metal fraud problem has only become worse.

The Federal Trade Commission testified before the United States Senate that it had “observed a proliferation of schemes [where] deceptive telemarketing operators posing as “brokers” and offering precious metals as purported high-profit, low-risk investments. By failing to disclose key information about the investments’ terms and high costs, these brokers deceive consumers into believing that the investments provide a safe and secure vehicle for savings.

The FBI found that corrupt coin dealers intentionally target the elderly “because they were elderly and [the dealer] thought he could get away with it” and that, while the amount defrauded may seem small in comparison to certain other financial frauds, “it represents a great deal to the victims – it was one man’s life savings.”

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Gold and other precious metals—such as silver, platinum, and palladium—have long been considered “real money” and continue to be popular physical assets and investments. Unfortunately, the public's interest in and demand for gold and other precious metals has also resulted in the rise of numerous dealers who engage in coin and precious metals fraud.


These unscrupulous coin and bullion telemarketers are slick. They take advantage of the fact that the precious metals market is largely unregulated in order to prey on widows and abuse the elderly. They take advantage of those who came of age in a “high trust” society. They employ scare tactics such as playing on fears of stock market crashes, memories of the Great Depression, current political and world unrest, and the ever-increasing threats of economic crises and runaway inflation.

They seek to gain your trust, to claim to be your “friend.” But once your guard is down, they may tell you they are giving you a “great deal” only to sell you coins at grossly inflated prices that will never attain, much less exceed, their purchase price during your lifetime.


Getting your monies back is complicated and difficult. That is why you need trustworthy, experienced attorneys with special expertise in precious metals fraud litigation. Coin Fraud Lawyers have successfully represented consumer victims of coin fraud in over 30 States, and we are here to help you recover your hard-earned money and life savings stolen by unscrupulous coin dealers.

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About Coin Fraud Lawyers

Thousands Of Americans Have Been Victims Of Precious Metals Scams


The Coin Fraud Lawyers have developed proven, effective, and successful legal strategies against dishonest coin and precious metals dealers. We apply these strategies on behalf of defrauded clients throughout the United States. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable about every aspect of the precious metals industry–and especially dealers who engage in precious metals scams— and we are committed to seeking justice for you.

Because the precious metals coin and bullion industry is largely unregulated, it can be difficult or impossible for normal customers to determine at the outset whether they are purchasing from a reputable dealer or a coin fraud dealer. The coin fraud dealers’ slick telemarketers and fancy websites and brochures are too often indistinguishable from honest coin brokers. They may use fancy titles, like “Senior Gold Consultant.” Most often, coin fraud victims have no reason to realize that they are dealing with a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” until they have “invested” large amounts of money for coins and bullion that are worth just a fraction of the amounts they paid for them.

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R. Lyn Stevens

Trial Lawyer & Coin Fraud Attorney

My associates and I have been helping victims of unscrupulous precious metals dealers for over 20 years and have over 70 years of combined litigation experience. We have worked with Federal and State authorities to pursue and bring to justice coin dealer scam artists, and our goal is to help you recover your life savings.

If you have been ripped off, swindled, or just think something is not right about your coin dealer, contact us for a free no-obligation consultation and evaluation to see if you have a case.

Fraudulent Dealers Target Senior Citizens

Sadly, most of our clients are senior citizens—often widows or widowers—whose life savings had been targeted and attacked by unscrupulous coin dealers. This is not just a coincidence.

In 2014, the United States Senate determined that (at that time) about 10,000 elderly Americans had been swindled out of over $300 million through precious metals scams. In fact, the U.S. Senate Report revealed that the “overwhelming number of victims in precious metal fraud are seniors.”

These precious metals fraudsters and con artists target and prey on the elderly, courting them as if they were “old friends” and using coercive sales pitches, including misleading—and sometimes illegal—high-pressure sales tactics to misrepresent coin values, to sell counterfeit coins, or even to persuade consumers to finance coin purchases with home mortgages or retirement savings. These coin scamsters too often convince seniors to buy higher priced items as “investments” that they claim are a “better deal.”

You can read the entire 2014 U.S. Senate Report at the following link:

"Exploring the Perils of the Precious Metals Market, U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging" (U.S. Senate Report).

Likewise, the FBI examined this phenomenon and found that corrupt coin dealers intentionally target the elderly specifically “because they [are] elderly and [the dealers] thought [they] could get away with it.

“Fraudster Targeted Elderly Victims”

In fact, most of the fraud advisories and enforcement actions by the various Federal and State agencies against the precious metals industry have focused on the financial exploitation of the elderly at the hands of fraudulent coin dealers.

For example:

Likewise, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has warned its membership of the dangers of unscrupulous precious metals dealers.

“Older Investors Lose Millions Buying Overpriced Gold, Silver”

This much is now clear.

The coin fraud dealers are not your friends. They are liars. They are thieves. They are scoundrels. And they don’t care whom they hurt or bankrupt in their quest for ill-gotten gain.

You are not alone... we are in your corner

We offer free initial consultations and evaluations. You are under no obligation to pursue any legal claims. In fact, if we determine that you do not have a viable claim or if we cannot be of assistance, we’ll tell you that straight up and endeavor to provide you alternative options for you to attempt to recover your funds or offset your losses.

If you decide to pursue legal action, we work under contingency contracts where we only get paid if you recover, and our goal is to have any attorney fees paid by those who have taken advantage of you. If you do not recover, you are not responsible for any attorneys’ fees, court costs, or litigation expenses. In short, our goal always is to make you as whole as possible.

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