Are You a Victim of Coin Precious Metals Fraud?

Are You a Coin Fraud Victim?

We are here to help you recover your hard-earned money and life savings from dishonest precious metal dealers. We represent consumers throughout the United States who have been victimized by dishonest coin and bullion dealers.

Gold and other precious metals—such as silver, platinum, and palladium—have long been popular physical assets and investments. Coin and bullion investors buy and hold precious metals as a hedge against inflation and a refuge from fluctuating world economies. Unfortunately, the strong demand for gold and other precious metals has resulted in the rise of numerous dealers engaging in coin fraud and precious metals fraud.

Unscrupulous coin and bullion telemarketers are slick. They prey on widows and abuse the elderly. They employ scare tactics by playing on stock market crashes, memories of the Great Depression, current world unrest, and economic crises. They sell coins at such grossly inflated prices, knowing that the value of the coins will never exceed their purchase price during an investor’s lifetime.

Dishonest coin and bullion dealers hide behind multiple layers of corporations. They regularly drain their companies of funds to support their lavish lifestyles. In many situations, the only way to successfully recover money paid to dealers engaging in coin fraud or precious metals fraud is to bypass or pierce their sham corporations and go after the shady individuals behind the companies.

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